Poem – “God’s Tapestry”

//Church in Preston//

The Tapestry of Life was
started At the dawn of time.
Within the pattern, even
then, God saved a place for mine.

With every stitch the picture grew
While crafted from above,
And as God wove each new thread in
He blended it with love.

I look upon His masterpiece; In places it seems odd.
Sometimes I deign to question Him “Why plan it that way, God?
But slowly then I realise
The view from where I stand
Reverses that of God’s sight And then I understand.

Church in Preston

God looks down on His work of art
His vision is complete
But I look from the underneath
Where things are not so neat.

I see the knots and tangled threads
Where life seems one big mess
A tapestry, viewed from the back
Does not tend to impress!

But if I trust my Father God
He has a place for me
To blend into the final image
Of his tapestry.

Thanks Church in Preston…

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